Mirror Upgrades

Customize your Séura mirror with technology upgrades that elegantly and conveniently incorporate lighting control, defoggers, clocks, and more into the mirror.

Touch Control Dimming

Curate the desired atmosphere in your home with one touch. Séura’s most advanced mirrors feature a capacitive touch button to conveniently change the intensity level anywhere from dreamy low-light to reviving brightness.

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    Tap the mirror to power the lights on and off, or gently touch and hold to dim brightness levels


    Select your desired brightness and your setting will be resumed next time you turn the mirror lights on


    The dance of form and function results in a minimalist, integrated design with convenient touch capability

Dimmable LEDs

Meet the sophisticated lighting that balances the room with your mood. Séura’s lighted mirrors adjust to every changing moment of your day with dimming control.

Touch Control Color Temperature

Whether you’re energizing your morning routine with cool, clean white, or winding down for a good night’s sleep with a warm and inviting glow, tune your light color with the in-mirror touch sensor. This adjustment serves as professional makeup lighting so you blend and perfect your makeup shade to match your next location—use warmer light to prep you for intimate evenings, natural white for indoor events, and cool white for outdoor daylight activities.


    To get just the right shade and weight of makeup application, fine-tune your color temperature to replicate your destination.


    Select from calming, natural warm to cool settings that boost alertness or relax your mind and body for a good night’s sleep.


    Each tap of the button will quickly scale to the next preset, or hold to slowly move up and down the light spectrum


    Select your desired color before turning the lights off and your setting will resume the next time you turn the lights on.

Refine your white light color temperature

Accentuate your lifestyle, your look, and your wellbeing with color temperature settings. Create a relaxing atmosphere with warm white, or turn up the vibrancy for hair or makeup in cooler light.

Mirror Defogger

Expect a clear view every time, with a mirror that remains clean and spotless after steamy showers. Séura’s defogger warms the mirror’s surface so there’s no need to wipe away drips and streaks or wait for the condensation to clear.

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    Your mirror is ready when you are with Séura’s thermal warmer that evaporates droplets for a crystal-clear reflection.


    Save the time and bother of repeatedly cleaning mirror streaks and smudges.


    Powered separate from the mirror lighting, save energy by only using the defogger when needed.


    Conveniently control the defogger from the mirror. One touch turns the defogger on and off.

Night Light

Just a warm glow of sleep-inducing low light is all you need, so you can drift back to dreamland easily. This small night light is hidden below the bottom edge of the mirror so it casts light downward and matches your sleek, functional style.

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    Hidden from view, this night light shines down from beneath the mirror for a seamless, modern appearance that lights your way.


    Enjoy just the right amount of illumination for safe room navigation.


    The long lasting, low-voltage LED night light can be left on all night, every night.


    Conveniently control with an in-mirror button. When the mirror is powered on, the energy-efficient button illuminates and senses your touch to power the night light on and off.


    Keep an eye on the time with an attractive in-mirror LED display that’s visible at a glance from across the room.


    With the proximity to the clock at all times, you’ll have the ultimate accountability partner and can rest assured that you’re using time wisely.


    An internal back-up battery allows the clock to keep time even when the mirror is powered off.


    One button on the mirror’s surface allows you to set the clock and control the mirror lights – tap to power the lights on and off, or touch and hold to dim levels.

Custom Frame

Séura offers more than 100 frame options to complement any designed space. Séura frames arrive pre-installed on your custom mirror.

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Matching Mirrors

For rooms designed with large or multiple mirrors, we offer matching mirrors to ensure a consistent and uniform appearance. Séura Lighted Mirrors utilize silvered mirror glass while Séura TV Mirrors utilize vanishing mirror glass that is specially formulated for specific applications and has a slight tint. Matching mirrors guarantee a perfect match.

Placing a vanishing TV mirror next to a silvered mirror will make the difference in color and reflectivity noticeable. Glass samples are available upon request.

Mirror Glass Options
  • Diffusers reduce brightness by an average 20%

  • Diffusers add cost to the mirror

  • Diffusers provide a less than ideal aesthetic

Traditional SMD and DIP LED light strips are made of large LEDs that create very bright spots when looking directly at the light. Séura Lighted Mirrors with Radiant LED Technology™ use the industry’s most advanced COB LEDs that are much smaller and can tightly pack many more LEDs into the same amount of space. This creates uniform light that makes diffusers unnecessary.