What is COB LED Technology?

Séura’s new COB Radiant LED Technology™ uses the industry’s most advanced COB LEDs that make Séura Lighted Mirrors up to 2x brighter and consumes 40% less power than previous Séura LEDs.

What is COB LED Technology?

Lighting technology continues to evolve to provide brighter light while using less energy. The latest innovation is chip-on-board or “COB” technology. COB LEDs are much smaller than traditional surface mounted diode or “SMD” LEDs which makes it possible to fit significantly more LEDs in the same amount space. This higher LED count produces greater lumen density and more uniform light. COB LEDs also have reduced energy consumption for the same amount of light output, providing a greener light solution than other lighting technologies.

Radiant COB LED Technology™

See the beauty of innovation with the latest, energy-efficient COB LED lighting. Séura’s lighted mirrors with Radiant COB LED Technology™ offer powerful, natural color with evenly diffused light to brighten and smooth your appearance.

Why are COB LEDs the best option for Lighted Mirrors?

Brighter Light

When it comes to lighted mirrors that use LED light strips behind an etched mirror glass, the compact design of COB technology allows more LEDs to be placed closer to the mirror etch for brighter output. COB LEDs provide uniform and consistent light whereas traditional SMD and DIP LED light strips have individual diodes that create visible hot spots that can be seen through the etched mirror glass. To avoid hot spots and the uneven look, the SMD and DIP LEDs need to be kept further back from the etched mirror, which also sacrifices brightness. Advantageously, COB LEDs can be placed closer to the etched glass, providing even higher brightness than other LEDs. 

To avoid visible hot spots, traditional SMD LEDs must be placed further away from the etched mirror which reduces perceived brightness.

No More Diffusers

The purpose of diffusers is to eliminate the visible hot spots from individual LEDs when viewing the mirror from the side. The drawbacks to diffusers are (a) they reduce brightness (measured in foot candles or usable light) by approximately 20%, (b) they add cost and (c) they negatively impact the clean look most designers are going for.

COB LEDs are much smaller and lower profile than traditional LEDs, so we can fit many times more LEDs in the same amount of space and place them closer to the mirror etch which eliminates hot spots and provides a more consistent light source, even when viewed from the mirror side. With COB LEDs, there’s no need for diffusers since the light source is already diffused.

How to specify the best lighting for your Lighted Mirror

In order to specify the best lighting technology for your lighted mirror, Séura design engineers recommend including these product specifications:

  • COB (Chip-on-Board) LED Technology, eliminates need for diffusers
  • Low power consumption less than or equal to 4.6 watts/foot
  • 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) with 95+ R9 color rendering value (red colors) Learn more about R9
  • Neutral light color temperature of 3000K is user-preferred for indoor bathrooms

IMPORTANT: Do not to rely on lumens for the only brightness measurement of a lighted mirror. Lumens is a measurement of the light source output, but does not measure perceived brightness. Think of having two lamps – one with a dark lampshade and one with no lampshade. Both lamps have the same lumen output, but the one without the lampshade will have a much higher perceived brightness which is best measured in foot candles. Lighted mirror brightness is affected by many factors, including how close the light source (LED strip) is placed to the mirror etch, the etched mirror design (larger etched area = brighter lighted mirror), and more. Please attend Séura’s Science of Light CEU class to learn more.

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