Next Generation Lighted Mirrors

Séura’s patented marine-grade mirror housing offers significant function and design benefits to the Classic Collection.

  • Brightest Design

    Enjoy up to 2x more lux output for a brighter lighted mirror. Lux measurements vary by lighting design.

  • Slimmest Profile

    Lighted mirrors are surface-mounted to a wall and extend only 1.5-inches from the wall.

  • Lightest Weight

    New mirror housing is 50% lighter in weight, allowing for easier handling and installation.

  • Best in Damp Environments

    Marine-grade housing resists mold, mildew, and bacteria and is made of rust-free materials.

  • Eco-friendly Radiant COB LED Technology™

    Energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting uses 40% less power than Séura’s previous LEDs, reducing maintenance and electrical costs.

  • Durable Mirror with Crystal Clear Reflection

    Séura’s copper-free mirror glass with UV protective coating is not susceptible to black edge corrosion caused by ammoniated cleaners and humid environments.

  • Professional Makeup Lighting

    Séura combines a 90+ CRI rating with a 96 R9 value (red color) to bring your vibrant skin tones to life, providing the ideal light for applying makeup.