See yourself in the best light

With Séura Lighted Mirrors, light evenly shines across the entire face, allowing you to apply makeup with precision without working around shadows. Replace or complement traditional above mirror lighting fixtures or sconces with a more modern wall mounted lighted mirror solution.

  • Overhead Lighting

    Overhead lighting casts shadows, leaving the user’s face in the dark.

  • Sconce Lighting

    Wall sconces create bright spots and shadows or misdirect light away from the user.

  • Lighted Mirror

    Lighted mirrors offer the best light to evenly illuminate the user’s face.

Design Your Mirror

  1. Select your mirror lighting design
  2. Choose your mirror size
  3. Customize with touch control, mirror shape, framing, and more.
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Trusted Worldwide by Hundreds of Brands

Séura lighted mirrors are preferred by hotels, resorts, salons, spas and commercial properties worldwide. Bring the beauty of a lighted mirror to your home with confidence.

Special Design Collections

Set your space apart with an edgy vanity lighted mirror from one of Séura’s Design Collections.

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For Hotels

NEW Artisan Collection

Artisan Collection is a breathtaking assortment of six distinct lighted mirror designs, crafted to elevate the hotel bathroom into an immersive experience. Inspired by art and meticulously designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the hotel bath, the Artisan Collection will redefine modern hospitality design.

Lighted Mirrors

At Séura, we never underestimate the importance of light as an element of design. In fact, we believe the best designs are enhanced by light, and that’s why we’ve used it as the basis for our always-growing line of elegant lighted vanity mirrors for residential spaces.

Our lighted mirrors not only provide an elegant aesthetic finish; they also serve a purpose. Séura vanity mirrors with lights improve the functionality of a space by allowing users to apply make-up, shave, fix their hair, and tweeze with clarity and precision. Additionally, the glow given off by our lighted mirrors improves the design of a space by adding texture, interest, and visual impact.

Séura lighted mirrors utilize LEDs with varying degrees of brightness and diffusion to deliver more impactful lighting and accurate reflections. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom mirror with LED lights or your goal is to elevate a dressing room with a full-length backlit mirror, our lighted mirrors cover the three main types of lighting used in design – task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

  • Task lighting: Delivers direct, even, natural light for bathroom tasks like shaving and make-up application.
  • Ambient lighting: Increases usable light and also indirectly washes a space with elegant side lighting.
  • Accent lighting: Sets the mood with a subtle backlit glow that adds impact to any design space.

Séura’s broad range of lighting designs and shapes will complement any style, from modern to transitional, to farmhouse and traditional. Or maybe your style is a little more boho chic – we have that, too. We also provide a wide range of sizes to accommodate small or large spaces and mirrors for single or double bathroom vanity designs.

If you don’t see what you need in Séura’s portfolio, our professional design team is here to create a custom lighted mirror just for your space. Choose your exact mirror dimensions, your lighting design, and decide on dimming, framing and even upgrade with an in-mirror TV. We’ll customize the perfect lighted mirror to transform your bathroom vanity into the space of your dreams.

Check out these ideas for decorating your home using Séura vanity mirrors with light:

  • Bring your personal design vision to life. Lighted mirrors elevate and modernize popular design styles such as farmhouse, industrial, rustic, traditional mid century modern and eclectic.
  • Upgrade your master suite with a bathroom mirror with lights. Replace old, outdated above mirror lighting fixtures or sconces with a modern, wall-mounted lighted mirror. Our limitless mirror choices leave the opportunity to mix finishes in other areas of your design, like faucet and drawer pulls.
  • For small or multi-use spaces, like a teen bedroom, create a modern vanity desk with lights. Hang a lighted mirror above any desk or dressing table for an instant custom vanity set, perfect for make-up application and hair styling. A vanity desk with mirror and lights also leaves room to use the vanity as a desk for homework – the ultimate design for a teen’s bedroom.

For more than 20 years, Séura has partnered with top interior designers and lighting designers to create custom lighted mirrors that bring better vanity lighting to luxury hotels, spas and other commercial spaces. We are now offering a curated collection of our most popular designs for the home. Browse our collection to find the right lighted mirror for your space.