Lighted Mirror Design Collections


Set your space apart with an edgy vanity lighted mirror from one of Séura’s Design Collections. Carefully created by the industry’s best and curated by Séura’s design team, Séura’s custom lighted mirrors offer motifs that capture the essence of the hottest trends in the industry that you can incorporate into your bathroom mirror.

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Séura’s Classic Collection of LED mirrors is inspired by the clean, sharp lines of classic architecture. Sleek, modern patterns compliment designs featuring bold, rectilinear structural elements that are perfect for your vanity mirror.

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Séura’s Artisan Collection marries form and function, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality that is unrivaled in the industry. The collection presents a range of architectural lighting fixtures that are thoughtfully designed to complement a broad spectrum of design styles, from modern minimalist to traditional opulence.

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Séura’s Geo Collection evokes the elemental, crystalline structure of stone. The custom mirror patterns are geometric but not rigidly structured, providing a unique and captivating contribution to designs that blend well-defined lines with organic features.

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The Eco Collection draws inspiration from natural elements: wood grain, rippling water, birds in flight and floral figures. These patterns recall the free-form beauty of nature, adding a delicate sculptural component to custom bathroom mirror lighting.

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Séura’s Boho Design Collection features patterns that echo mosaics from the classical world. These LED lighted mirror designs evoke the structure and form of antiquity while offering a unique and captivating contribution to modern eclectic style.

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Deconstructed Deco

The Deconstructed Deco Design Collection captures the essence of the art deco movement. Designed by Séura Studio Series designer, Colleen Smith, these lighted mirror designs lend a contemporary approach to the iconic lines and geometric shapes used in fashion and architecture.

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Vista Design Collection captures the majesty of mountainous landscapes. Created by Séura Studio Series designer, Virginia Witte, these original perimeter-lit LED mirrors were inspired specifically by Mount Shavano in the Rocky Mountain Range. From the Spanish word for “view”, these “Vista” mirrors offer users the best view from their own vanity.

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Custom Design Gallery

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Beauty in the details

Séura utilizes a precise vector graphic CNC etching process to bring custom designs to realization in our lighted mirrors. Etching designs can vary from logos to unique patterns. All lighted mirror etching is applied to the reverse of the mirror for a fresh mirror face and easy cleaning.