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What are COB LEDs?

Chip-on-board or “COB” technology allows LEDs to be tightly packed together for a much higher lumen density that delivers brighter and more uniform light. The compact design allows more LEDs to be placed in the same amount of space and positioned closer to the mirror etch for a brighter lighted mirror. COB LEDs also have reduced energy consumption for the same amount of light output, providing a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly light solution. Séura Radiant LED Technology™ utilizes COB LED technology.

Is it easy to replace my current mirror with a lighted mirror?

Séura Lighted Mirrors are available in hard-wire and plug-in configurations. Refer to the Lighted Mirror product manualfor installation instructions for both options. If the lighted mirror is also replacing nearby vanity lights or wall sconces, the existing light fixtures can be removed and the lighted mirror housing can be mounted over the existing electrical box for a quick and easy wiring connection.

What is the best etched design for lighting in a mirror?

Séura lighted mirrors are available with diverse designs for use in any décor. While the etch design can be personal preference, the use of the light is functional. If the light is meant for ambient or accent lighting, then light projecting outward from the sides of the mirror is recommended. This outward-projecting lighting also reflects some of the wall colors to enhance the palet of the room. If the mirror lighting is meant for task lighting such as makeup application and personal grooming, an interior or forward-facing light is recommended. This style projects light on objects in front of the mirror, providing brighter lighting of the face.

What should I use to clean my outdoor television?

On Séura TVs, the panel surface should be cleaned with any conventional non-ammoniated cleaner. Use only a soft lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the screen. Apply all cleaners directly to the cloth and not the panel surface. Do not saturate the panel surface as residual cleaner may damage the panel.

How do I select the right size outdoor TV?

Bigger is better, right? In reality, the right size is whatever feels right for the space. If the viewing space is further from the TV mounting location, a larger TV will make a better viewing experience.

Can I use an indoor TV outside?

Placing an indoor TV outside is dangerous, creates a fire hazard and poses the risk of electrical shock. Indoor TVs are not UL listed for outdoor use and do not meet nationally recognized safety standards for outdoor use. Indoor TV manuals and safety guidelines strictly prohibit outdoor use and voids the indoor TV warranty. Indoor TVs will not survive outside since they are highly susceptible to moisture, insects, hot and cold temperatures and temperature fluctuations. In full sun, if you put an indoor TV outside, it will be out of its operating temperature range in as little as 15 minutes. In addition, indoor TVs typically lack the picture brightness necessary for outdoor viewing, even in ambient light on a cloudy day or in a shaded space, and indoor TV speakers usually do not provide adequate volume to overcome outdoor noise.

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