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Why Indoor TVs Don’t Belong Outside

Séura Outdoor TVs are made to withstand all of Earth’s elements while providing exceptional and reliable performance.

  • Weatherproof

    From extreme temperatures to rain, snow, and dust, Séura Outdoor TVs are engineered to endure anything Mother Nature throws their way – something an indoor TV just can’t do.

  • Superior Picture

    With screens that are three times brighter than indoor TVs, Séura Outdoor TVs cast a picture you can actually see in bright sunlight.

  • Safest Option

    Indoor warranties are voided by putting a TV outside. In full sun, if you put an indoor TV outside, it will be out of its operating temperature range in as few as 15 minutes.

  • Best Outdoor-Rated

    Built with thermal controls to survive multi-climate temperatures and IP tested to withstand dust and water ingress, Séura’s weatherproof TVs are backed by a 1-year warranty and offer worry-free performance for reliable and safe entertainment in every environment.

  • Brightest Picture

    Color-calibrated for the optimal picture in shade or full sun, Séura Outdoor TVs are the brightest in their class. Séura Full Sun Series leads with the best picture at 2000-nit brightness and Shade Series is 35% brighter than the competition in the shaded outdoor category, measured at the peak 100% window and compared to the SunBrite Veranda 3.

  • Weatherproof Accessories

    Complete your Outdoor TV setup with a front-facing weatherproof outdoor soundbar that projects sound toward you to deliver rich, powerful audio. Plus, choose from Séura’s weatherproof wall mounts, ceiling mounts, and floor stands for a durable outdoor mounting solution.

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