The Ultimate Treehouse

Colorado tech firm enhances luxury and functionality in a compact space with the creative use of a Séura LED Lighted Mirror

Precision Media, a renowned audio-visual integration company out of Lakewood, Colorado, recently completed a remarkable project known as The Treehouse. The unique three-level structure presented a challenge of providing high-end luxury amenities within a compact space. To meet this challenge, Precision Media turned to Séura’s LED lighted mirror, a versatile and stylish solution that significantly enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom.

The Treehouse, a 38-foot tall structure with three levels and three separate staircases, presented a exceptional opportunity to incorporate luxury amenities in an unconventional setting. Equipped with a full bathroom featuring a shower and bidet, a small kitchen, a queen bed, a living room with a 55″ Sony TV and DirecTV, a dining nook, and a game loft, The Treehouse offers an unparalleled experience for its occupants. The project received recognition for its excellence, winning the 2023 Mark of Excellence Award from CTA (Consumer Technology Association).

To address the challenge without sacrificing luxury and functionality, Precision Media opted for Séura’s LED lighted mirror. In a display of creativity, a modified traveling demo unit was utilized, showcasing the adaptability and versatility of the product. The mirror’s sleek design and touch control buttons perfectly complemented the bathroom area, allowing occupants to personalize their lighting experience.

Séura’s LED lighted mirror is designed to provide users with high-quality direct lighting at the vanity and sink area. With touch control buttons integrated into the mirror, users can easily adjust the color temperature and brightness of the lighting to create the perfect ambiance. The mirror features the elegant Séura Lumin etch pattern and boasts trendy rounded corners, making it a visually appealing addition to the space.

The property is available for rent through

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