Sloane’s Beauty Bar

Sloane’s Beauty Bar features Séura Halo Lighted Mirrors at each styling station that gives an exquisite look to the salon.

In 2017, Erin Zosel opened Sloane’s Beauty Bar on 50th & France in Minneapolis. She envisioned the space to have high end and trendy services, which include cryotherapy and deep conditioning, but still feels like home for clients. After two years, the salon opened another location on 44th & France, followed by its third location on Excelsior Blvd. that opened in late 2020. Zosel partnered with EFH Co. to carry out her design vision at all three locations. 

Sloane’s Beauty Bar is located in Minneapolis on 44th & France, 50th & France, and Excelsior Blvd.


The design contractors at EFH Co. originally used LED tape lights on regular mirrors to create back-lit mirrors for the first salon location. The design-build team had to use a custom bracket and it was a challenge to execute. For the next two salon locations, EFH Co. sought out Séura for a simple solution that achieved the exact lighted mirror glow that Zosel was looking for.


“Séura’s products allow faster installation, more simplified electrical requirements, and an overall better product for our customers. Séura’s customer service was highly responsive in dealing with challenges that came up through the course of the project, making sure we were satisfied with the results.”


Séura Halo Lighted Mirrors are installed at beauty stations throughout the salon. The alignment of mirrors with the counters creates a satisfying look to the eye, and the lighted halo affect gives a sophisticated accent to each hair styling space. The elegant mirrors create an upscale atmosphere and give off a warm glow that brightens the space and make guests feel at home.

Thank you to our partners.

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