Venice Beach Contemporary Farmhouse

Dubbed the “Contemporary Farmhouse”, this new residence is part of a collection of contemporary homes built by M. E. Development within the charming walk streets of Venice, California.

This sophisticated coastal take on the farmhouse style is nestled within the highly sought-after walk streets of Venice, California. It is a bespoke creation, collaboratively designed by the renowned teams of Joan Behnke & Associates and Abramson Architects, drawing inspiration from contemporary technologies while embracing the relaxed, rustic charm of traditional farmhouses. The residence is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, featuring premium finishes, cutting-edge appliances, and state-of-the-art technology throughout every intricately planned detail.

“We took our queues from the architecture, presenting a modern twist on the contemporary farmhouse.  We played with materiality and texture to create a sumptuous pied-a-terre for anyone looking to live that unique Abbott Kinney lifestyle.”


Along with other luxury brands, the developers selected Séura as the supplier for the primary bathroom mirrors. The dual vanity is flanked by matching LED lighted mirrors from Séura’s Classic Design Collection in the Veda design. Long-lasting and dimmable, these LED mirrors provide direct lighting, ideal for daily tasks.

Séura also supplied the outdoor entertainment system for the rooftop deck. Crafted to withstand even the most intense Californian sunlight, Séura’s Full Sun Outdoor Television delivers a brilliantly vibrant display. Enhancing the overall experience, the accompanying soundbar provides an immersive audio experience ideally suited for the outdoor setting.

On the ground floor, the shaded patio offers a comfortable seating area with beautiful landscaping and Séura’s Shade Series Outdoor TV. The system is engineered to thrive under adverse weather conditions, including wind, rain, and snow. Although, snow not a concern in this Venice Beach neighborhood.

The home was featured on Million Dollar House Hunters. Learn more about the home at

Designer: Joan Behnke & Associates
Architect: Abramson Architects
Owner: M.E. Development Inc.

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