Condo in the Clouds

This stunning Vancouver condo brings hidden technology to a new level, complete with invisible speakers, vanishing televisions, and automated and oversize shades to cover double windows.

This retrofit of a condo high-rise in Vancouver, B.C. incorporates high-tech features seamlessly integrated into the home’s design. Any technology not in use was to “disappear”. A team including La Scala for electronics design and integration, Enviable Designs for interior design, and Marino General Contracting worked together to retrofit the beautiful Vancouver condo.

The Séura TV Mirror displays a beautifully framed mirror when off.

The Séura Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirror perfectly fulfilled La Scala’s motto: “the goal of technology should be a mind completely free of it.” When technology is not in use, it should vanish, which is exactly what the Séura TV does when off. It magically transforms into a beautiful mirror.

To keep congruent with the design and décor direction we suggested a large Séura Mirror display for the master bedroom and a full set of invisible Stealth Acoustics in-wall speakers so it could have the dual purposes of “mirror by day, television/media by night.”


The blackout shades and bright display provide the optimal TV Mirror viewing experience.

The condo is on the 53rd floor of the building and faces south-west. Therefore, ample sunlight pours in throughout the day and beautiful sunsets in the evening. For an optimal TV viewing experience, the master bedroom is equipped with motorized shades. The Crestron system controls both the shades and the Séura TV power commands. For example, if the TV is turned on during the day, the shades automatically close, reducing the light to allow the TV Mirror to display in the best ambient lighting conditions. Should the user fall asleep while watching, the Crestron system automatically powers the TV off at 3:00 am.

Thank you to our partners.

La Scala

Enviable Designs 

Marino GC

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