CEDIA Best New Hardware Product Award 2019

CEDIA awarded the industry’s best new products including Séura’s Shade Series Outdoor TV at CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver.

Séura Shade Series is simply the best Outdoor TV option for shaded areas. With its sleek design, best-in-class picture quality, best-in-class standard 50W Soundbar and best-in-class 2-year warranty, there is no better choice for shaded outdoor spaces.

The Séura Shade Series Outdoor TV includes a powerful 50W weatherproof soundbar.


As homeowners continue to invest in expanding their living spaces into the outdoors, the demand for proper AV is on the rise. TVs have traditionally been incompatible with the outdoors. Even in shaded areas, outside environments are flooded with ambient light that makes it hard to see the picture. At the same time, open air makes it difficult to contain sound, and TVs placed outside must compete with extra outdoor noises.

CEDIA presents the award for Best New Product to Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson for Shade Series™ Outdoor TVs.

What makes Séura Outdoor TVs truly phenomenal are their superior picture and sound quality in extreme outdoor conditions, including heat, cold, moisture, dust and insects. Outdoor elements will adversely affect the durability and performance of indoor TVs used outside, but Séura’s Shade Series Outdoor TVs are specifically designed with all electrical connections and critical devices properly protected and sealed. They’re safe, secure and durable enough to be permanently displayed and operated outside year-round in temperatures ranging from -24° F to 104° F. Plus, Séura offers the best warranty in the industry with two years of coverage.

Séura Shade Series Outdoor TV offers incredible value to the CE business. Starting at only $2,499 (soundbar included), this outdoor TV serves a market that demands beautiful design, quality performance, and peace of mind without paying a luxury price. For technology professionals, these attainable weatherproof TVs are both easy to install and easy to sell.

Guests enjoy the shade in the Denver heat while soaking in the visuals and sound provided by Séura Shade Series™ Outdoor TVs.

Séura is honored to accept a 2019 CEDIA award for Best New Hardware Product.

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