Hamptons Rooftop Escape

Exceptionally designed and well-appointed, this magnificent beach residence features unique architectural details enhanced with beautifully designed technologies.

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Designed and installed by Audio Video Systems (AVS) in New York, the technology integrated into this luxury home is a balance of distinguished design and high-end performance.

The team, which included Consiglio Builders, architect Barnes Coy, Patdo Lighting Studio, Green Logic Energy, and the experts at AVS closely worked together throughout the design phase, positioning the project for success.

The property includes architectural speakers by Sonance, high-performance sound by Coastal Source, lighting by Lutron, and Séura’s flagship 86-inch Ultra Bright Outdoor TV.

According to the fall 2019 issue of Technology Designer, Alan Shupack of AVS said, “When we saw the plans and the vision behind a roof deck that looks out on the Atlantic Ocean, we proposed an outdoor entertainment scene. And since we’re dealing with Mother Nature, we specified the incredible 86-inch Séura Outdoor TV that can stand up to inclement weather, along with a pair of Coastal Source outdoor speakers. It’s an amazing system.”

The property was also featured in several episodes of the 2020 Netflix series “Million Dollar Beach House.”


About AVS

Audio Video Systems has been the leading provider of simplified home automation, lighting, shading and entertainment systems for over 40 years in the Tri-state area. While technology has changed, our goal has remained the same. We simplify your home, office, technology – and your life. We’ve built our reputation on service, quality and value and do not let anything stand in the way of providing you with the best personalized system. We stand beside you throughout design, installation and delivery. Most of our clients are life-long customers who turn to us for technology expertise and concierge-level service.

Photography: Paul Domzal, Edge Media Digital, edgemediadigital.com
Integrator: AVS Audio Video Systems
Builder: Consiglio Builders
Architect: Barnes Coy
Lighting Design: Patdo Lighting Studio
Energy Management: Green Logic Energy

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