CEDIA 2023

At CEDIA Expo 2023, Séura showcased cutting-edge lighting and outdoor entertainment solutions, highlighting their commitment to blending technology seamlessly into the modern home.


Séura unveiled the new Mirror Wall at CEDIA 2023. Perfect for fitness rooms, bars, and lobbies. Séura Mirror Walls are custom-built to suit your needs.


Séura’s Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors, Full Length Lighted Mirrors, Séura Smart Lights, and Round Lighted Mirror show visitors in their best light.


The Séura Team was happy to be back at CEDIA Expo!
Séura’s Indoor Waterproof Hydra TV is a perfect focal point for the kitchen.
Séura’s Outdoor TVs bring the best of both worlds to your outdoor entertainment space. Weatherproof capabilities and amazing pictures.
Get the perfect lighting in your walk-in closet with Séura’s Full Length Lighted Mirrors.
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